Publisher: United States Congressional Research Service

TitleRemoving Terrorist Sanctuaries: The 9/11 Commission Recommendations and U.S. Policy

CRS report number: RL32518

Author(s): Francis T. Miko, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division

Date: February 11, 2005

The 9/11 Commission identified six primary regions that serve or could serve as terrorist sanctuaries. These included Western Pakistan and the Pakistan- Afghanistan border region; southern or western Afghanistan; the Arabian Peninsula, especially Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and the nearby Horn of Africa, including Somalia and extending southwest into Kenya; Southeast Asia, from Thailand to the southern Philippines to Indonesia; West Africa, including Nigeria and Mali; and European cities with expatriate Muslim communities. In all of these regions, the United States and its allies have mounted campaigns to deny safe havens for terrorists. This report analyzes current U.S. policies aimed at closing down sanctuaries in each of these countries and regions in light of the 9/11 Commission recommendations.
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